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Sussex County GOP Chair

Jerry Scanlan


First Vice-Chair

Jill Space


Executive Director

Kelly Ann Hart



Michele Adamski

Josh Aikens - Assistant



Paul Brislin

Billy Washer - Assistant


GOP Counsel

Gary Kraemer Esq.


Immediate past CountyChair

Honorable Ailish Hambel


Vice Chair - Overall Events

Gail Miner


Vice Chair Finance Committee

Ann Marano Kievit



Andrew Smith


Community Relations

Chris Fitzpatrick


Financial Review Committee

Debbie Wirths, Gail Miner, Lisa Parrott


Sussex County Young Republicans - President

William Washer


State Committeewoman

Jill Space


State Committeeman

Parker Space



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The Honorable Jerry Scanlan, Chairman     P.O. Box 425  Newton, NJ 07860

Phone: (973) 500-8121